Helping women build their self-esteem, learning to love themselves and teaching them how to overcome toxic relationships with the importance of forgiveness.

We offer 6 and 12 session packages (all sessions are via zoom or google duo)

  1. Living a new life of confidence/healing of the spirit, mind and body.
  2. Setting boundaries in relationships/avoiding toxic relationships.
  3. How to increase self-esteem/self-acceptance.
  4. Healing the inner child/learning to forgive.
  5. No longer the victim but victorious.
  6. Living in the new and releasing the past.
  7. Emotional Wellness-How to perceive, evaluate and control your emotions.
  8. You are what you think- Controlling destructive thinking and actions.
  9. Finding your best self.
  10. Anger management/Conflict Resolution.
  11. Healthy Life Balances-Self/Family Relationships.
  12. Living your Passion and Purpose.

Leadership Training

Teaching Women and Youth Leadership Skills. Confidence building, and finding their purpose.

Freedom From Anxiety

Anxiety Management Package-3 sessions (6 hours)